Louw Alberts, psychologist, trauma counsellor in Centurion – Pretoria

louw alberts psychologist centurion pretoriaLouw Alberts has been in private practice specializing in trauma counselling for a number of years. He obtained his B-Honours at the University of Pretoria and his master’s degree in Psychology at the internationally recognized London Metropolitan University. Louw then went on to become a TIR Facilitator (TIRF) competent and skilled in the use of Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR), Life Stress Reduction (LSR), and related Applied Metapsychology techniques. He furthered his studies to become a  TIR Workshop Trainer (TIRT) Qualified to deliver: Traumatic Incident Reduction Workshop, Introduction to the Basics of Applied Metapsychology, TIR Facilitator Internships.

My specialized training in Truama have made tremendous differences in the lives of my clients. You need to know it does not matter what your trauma was – – you must not see it in the light of it was a bad trauma or a light trauma – Trauma is trauma and it depends on the person their Biological, psychological, social and spiritual make-up of how they personally experienced the event. It changes radically from person to person – we make the decision on what to work and with my guidance I will tell you the amount of charge you have and we can work together to decharge it.

No matter what life throws at you – you have the capacity and I have the tools to take the emotional charge from the event and decharge it – what happens after decharging is an amazing process your mind can reframe it and you then have control over the traumatic event and not the other way around, the most beautiful part after that is it can be used to your advantage

The effects of trauma can be long lasting and debilitating. The reality of a traumatic incident is that it can impact your life and the lives of the people around you. Trauma can also impact on your mutual or interpersonal relationships. If you have suppressed the traumatic incident the influence it exerts on your daily functioning might be attributed to yourself in the form of believing untruths: “I don’t have any coping skill”, “I have a quick temper”,  “I can’t handle pressure”, “I have a problem with anger management”. We all have buttons which are pressed but it is important to find out if, perhaps, it is the traumatic incident, or incidents, causing us to react the way we do. Trauma and post traumatic stress can be managed. Before diagnosing yourself with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) schedule a session with a professional trained in trauma counselling and let the professional who will assess you and make decisions about your current status and future prognosis.